{Before & After} Antique detailed Dresser


This Antique Chest was in need of a fresh start, so We Altar’d this dresser for Janice in our pale Aqua distressed finish. 

The light aqua makes the details really pop on this leggy lady. <3

 Our Pale Aqua Finish is one of our Favorites, and the recipe is included in our $10 How to Paint Furniture Ebook.
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  1. Crystal Stevenson says

    I love this dresser!! I’m guessing it’s not for sale though? 🙂 love the soft aqua blue:)

  2. Crystal Stevenson says

    ooops I just read the description and I now see that yes this was painted for someone:) very pretty still:)

  3. Ann Beahm says

    I have a version of the how to paint furniture that does not include the recipe for the aqua paint. Can you email it to me?

    Your projects are wonderful!!!


  4. Alison says

    What time period is this piece from. I acquired a piece very similar to this only it has a built in jewelry box on the top. Same kind of design and has the old wheels on it also. I’ve researched but can not figure out when this was originally made.

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