Easter & Restoration

  Have you ever thought that you’ve made too many mistakes in your life to be forgiven and accepted by God?  I know exactly how that feels.  I remember thinking I couldn’t possibly be useful or important to God because of my past.  I’m so grateful for a God who gently reminded me over and over again that I am forgiven, and I am useful for His glory, and accepted and cherished by Him, and you are too.


    If you’d like to, you can read my Testimony here, or watch the video below below it.  Last April, I was invited by Shelley Neel of Life Community Church in LaPorte, TX to share my story at a Women’s Event- there were about 300 ladies there, and I was a nervous wreck, but I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share.

Happy Easter to you and your family.  I pray that God’s grace and forgiveness finds you where ever you may be.

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  1. glenda says

    Thank you for your testimony it is so great that God gives second chances. My grandson has a similar story, he hasn’t gotten past it. His mom allowed it, not by any family members but any druggy friend who liked a child, gender didn’t matter. I weep for children in my heart who are abused! My son got custody at 9 by then he had serious problems and is bipoplar. He is 21 and God is still in the restoration business. I pray your business goes very well. I admire and know every time you witness for the Lord or someone reads your testimony, the Lord rejoices and the devil swears loudly.

    • says

      Oh Glenda, I am so sorry for your grandson. Please know that I will pray that God will heal him and allow him to move past his past, I know how hard that road is, and although it took me a very long time to work through everything, I am whole again. I believe God can and will meet him where he is and restore peace to him. I’m definitely praying! Thank you for your encouragement here. :0)

  2. glenda says

    Oh yes there is a cross on a wreath i think the ribbon there is black ribbon or deco mesh, burlap and leopard print. Do you sell that cross i would like it for my cross wall.

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