{DIY} Ralph Lauren Faux Technique Glaze Codes

{This is a repost of my orignial post from Oct.  2011}


   Many of you who have purchased my How to Paint Furniture Guide have emailed to tell me that your local Home Depot has sold out of the Ralph Lauren Glazes, and that the HD is no longer carrying Ralph Lauren.   {This happened about 18 months ago.  HUGE mistake Home Depot}

1. My first recommendation would be to find a supplier that still carries Ralph Lauren Paints & Glazes. Ralph is just the best glaze, hands down.  Behr glaze (below) is an ok substitute, but it doesn’t spread like Ralph Lauren & the texture is different.  It is worth it to hunt down Ralph Lauren Glaze.  Ralph Lauren has not stopped making the glazes, The Home Depot has just chosen to stop carrying them. I looked online and found several who have it available:

World Paint Supply A gallon of glaze is $27.99, shipping is $14.34
A gallon of glaze will last about 3 months for me, and I refinish about 20-40 pieces per month.
Ralph Lauren Paint Website Click on “Find a Store” in the top right corner for locations near you that carry paints & glazes. {There are 4 stores in Houston} Southwest Paint Supply and Texas Paint Supply are my favorites.

2. You can have the Home Depot tint Behr Faux Technique Glaze to the codes below for Tea-Stained (lighter), and Tobacco (Darker). There are two Ralph Lauren Shades in the middle of these, but I only use the lightest and the darkest. You could also go to Sherwin Williams and ask them to tint a glaze base to Ralph’s specifications. Just remember, these codes are for a GALLON, not a quart. They can adjust them to work for a quart- just make sure you tell them these codes came from a gallon. {Also, it all depends on your local Home Depot Paint Employees- some just say no, and some are awesome and do it for you.  If one says no, try again another day}

Ralph Lauren Tea-stained
Base: 2420

OZ 0 0 0
384th 64 80 16

Ralph Lauren Tobacco
AG04 Gallon

OZ 0 0 0
384th 160 224 48

Also, I’ve been asked frequently if I wipe off my glazes once I brush them on, and the answer is no. I’ve created my own technique of working with the glaze and a brush until I get the desired look. When I first started Altar’d, I did try the wipe-off method, but wiping off expensive glaze just didn’t make sense to me. :0)

I hope this helps everyone in their quest for Ralph Lauren Glazes- they are truly amazing products, and worth every penny. A gallon will last the average person about 12 months, depending on how many pieces of furniture you refinish.


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  1. Linda Van baale says

    Mandie…. Thank you so much for this recommendation. I have a quick question.
    I went to Home Depot last night and asked for this formula. They said that the formula must have been changed because she tried everything she could think of, to try to find that formula for tea-stain…and there wasn’t one.

    I finally just left and didn’t get any. Have you heard anything about this?

    • says

      As I said, each Home Depot is different. Sometimes you’ll get a very skilled paint person who can manually enter the code, and sometimes you get someone who can’t. The easiest option is to buy the Ralph Lauren glaze from Texas Paint Supply or Southwest Paint Supply and not mess with the codes.

  2. Crista says

    I found a store that sells the Ralph Lauren glaze here in town, but it’s not tinted. They said that’s the only way it comes and they aren’t aware of any color formulas named “tea-stained” or “tobacco.” I showed them this post on my phone and they looked at me like I was insane and said the numbers meant nothing to them. I am brand new to glazing (I have always just watered down paint and wiped it over my painted piece) and really want to try it. But I appear to be at an impasse as they are the only store in town that sells RL paint products. They suggested I just “pick a brown” that’s close to the color I’m trying to achieve and they’ll tint the glaze for me. Do you have any better suggestions??

    • says

      They are not an authorized retailer of the RL glazes then, because they would know what those names (tea stained, and tocabbo) mean if they were. Both of the stores I buy from here tint the glaze- it’s not meant to be used by mixing it with paint. You can order online from Texas Paint Supply or Southwestern Paint Supply.

  3. Terri says

    Hi Mandie, I ordered the RL glazes from World Paint Supply online. I haven’t received tracking info from them. I thought i was ordering from Texas Paint Supply. I hope they are legit. Have you heard of them? Also, i purchased your ebooks and really enjoyed reading them. So helpful. Thanks, Terri

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