Annie Sloan Chalk type Paint Color Comparisons

Recently, I posted my experience with Annie Sloan Chalk type Paint & the comments on our Facebook Page  went wild.  Some love it, some love the paint and not the wax, and some have never tried it.

I like a lot of the colors of Annie Sloan Chalk type Paint, but I prefer the durability of using latex paint, so I spent a few hours with a ton of paint chips and found an almost exact match for each of ASCP’s shades.  I prefer Behr Paint {found at the Home Depot}, and Sherwin Williams Paint because they are high quality, easy to use, and are very durable.   If you have more kids than adults in your home like we do, then you’ll appreciate the durability of latex paint on your furniture & walls.

ASCP= Annie Sloan Chalk Paint                                       SW= Sherwin Williams

If you love….                                        You’ll love….

  • ASCP Old White             SW Antique White 6119 or Behr Polished Pearl UL160-10
  • ASCP Old Ochre             SW Kilim Beige 6106 or Behr Pecan Sandie 700C-3
  • ASCP Paloma                       SW Imagine 6009 or Veiled Violet SW6268
  • ASCPCountry Grey       SW Relaxed Khaki 6149 or Behr Baja UL160-17
  • ASCP Paris Grey             SW Essential Gray 6002 or Behr Sparrow 780F
  • ASCP Cream                   SW Ivoire 6127 or Behr Hummus UL-180-17
  • ASCP Versailles                  SW Wheat Grass 6408 or Behr Outback 390F-4
  • ASCP Arles                             SW Viva Gold 6367  or Behr Arizona 290D-4
  • ASCP Louis Blue            SW Respite 6514 or Behr Sonata 530E-3
  • ASCP Duck Egg Blue      SW Halcyon Green 6213 or Behr Gray Morning 490F-4
  • ASCP Emporer’s Silk     SW Positive Red 6871 or Behr Indiscreet UL110-6
  • ASCP Henrietta                     Behr 690F-4 Midsummer Dream
  • ASCP Scandinavian Pink     SW Henna Shade 6326 or Behr Terra Cotta Urn UL 120-17
  • ASCP Provence                       SW  Drizzle 6479 or Behr Gulf Winds 500F-5
  • ASCP Antibes Green        SW Jolly Green 6931 or Behr Caterpillar 430B-6
  • ASCP Primer Red              Behr Burnished Mahogany 160F-7
  • ASCP Emile                                 SW Soulmate 6270
  • ASCP Chateau Grey            SW Connected Gray 6165 or Behr Wilderness 390F-7
  • ASCP Greek Blue                {I did not find a match for this shade}
  • ASCP Napoleonic Blue       SW Indigo 6531 or Behr English Channel UL 230-2
  • ASCP Graphite                           SW Tricorn Black 6258 or Behr Stealth Jet 780F-7
  • ASCPOlive                             SW Cocoon 6173 or Behr Crocodile 380F-7
  • ASCP Old Violet                    SW Soulful Blue 6543 or Behr Magic Spell 590F-5
  • ASCP Aubusson Blue           SW Temple Star 6229 or Behr Cathedral 520F-6
  • ASCP Pure White                       Behr Powdered Snow WD-700
  • ASCP French Linen            Behr Ashwood 720D-4 or SW Intellictual Gray 7045
  • ASCP Coco                                  Behr Ethiopia UL 160-20 or SW Virtual Taupe 7039
  • ASCP Barcelona Orange           Behr Carrot Stick 204B-7

Sherwin Williams offers all of their colors in a sample size that is 31 oz for under $7 each. A 32 oz quart of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint costs $36-38 each. For the same cost as one Annie Sloan quart, you can have 5-6 of the colors from Sherwin Williams.

Behr quart $19, ASCP Quart $38.95, SW Tester Quart $5

Annie Sloan’s Dark wax is almost the same shade as Ralph Lauren Tobacco Glaze, and Annie Sloan’s Clear Soft Wax is similar to Fiddes Wax or Minwax Paste Finishing Wax.

I’ve read that magnesium sulfate  or calcium carbonate can be added to flat latex paint to create chalk paint that does not require prep {sanding before painting} and looks like Annie Sloan Chalk type Paint on furniture. I haven’t tried these yet, but I’ll post as soon as I do.  With a little bit of elbow grease and a $30 mouse sander you can prep a piece for latex paint in about 15 minutes and skip the DIY Chemistry.  Sherwin Williams sample pots go on in a matte finish and look gorgeous with the Ralph Lauren Antique Glazes applied over the paint, or simply clear coated with Poly or Wax.  The tester size at Sherwin Williams must be clear coated or glazed to be durable.   My favorite protective products are Minwax Wipe on Poly and Minwax Paste Finishing Wax.

If you’re new to painting furniture, and aren’t sure where to start- we offer a 108 page eBook that you can download immediately that will walk you step-by-step from start to finish on How to Paint Furniture.

Which paint brand is your favorite? (and why)

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  1. says

    This is a great post! Thank you for sharing it and doing this comparison. I can’t justify spending that much money on paint. I will stick to the good old fashion way of painting a piece of furniture.


  2. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to match up these colors!!! It is something I have been wanting to do but have not had the time. I have been mixing my own chalk paint and find it is a lot of fun to work with but I do not want to pay $40 for a quart of paint.

    On another note, I am working on a desk and at your suggestion, tried the glaze and will use the wipe on poly after it cures a bit. The glaze was so much fun to work with and I am sold! Thank you for offering your tips. Your e-book is great too.

  3. Jacki Holmes says

    Thank you so much for going to all the trouble of color matching. I didn’t know how I was to going to afford getting back into the furniture make over I’ve missed doing after spending ten years on the road weekly. I put this in my smart phone so I can have it handy.

    Thanks again!

  4. says

    Thank you sooooo much for all the leg work on this!! I have enjoyed following and learning from you and all the uber creative ladies in blog world!! Whoo hoo! I have also ordered your ebook a couple of months ago…again thanks for sharing your stories with us!!

  5. Julie says

    On the SW samples, ask your dealer about durability. I was told they were for color sampling only, and did not have the same binders, etc. as their regular paints.

    • Connie Nikiforoff Designs says

      Hmmm….That’s odd about the SW Color to Go samples nto having the same binders, etc……I got two samples from a friend who didn’t want them any longer. Mixed them together for a custom color and used it on my storm door (outside side). It’s held up beautifully!

    • Lesley Anne Burton says

      I agree, SW sample paint should never be used for anything other than colour samples. I had this from the horses mouth.
      As a professional painter, I would never use Behr on furniture, but hey, each to their own.

  6. Cindy Hoover says

    Thank you for taking the time to post similar colors for us!! I have used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and have had various results. And I do have little ones so I have noticed on my kitchen dining chairs that their food fingerprints don’t come off very easily (and i used plenty of wax so that’s not the problem). I know people rave about the durability but so far I’d say it’s okay…not the greatest. I do love the colors but I’m willing to try out Behr or Sherwin Williams especially for cost savings because I spent wayyy too much money on the chalk paint. Thanks again

  7. Misty says

    I just got your first ebook and love it! But I was wondering what colors you like for metallics since Home Depot doesn’t even sell the RL metallics anymore. Thanks for this great chart! Love it.

  8. Liz says

    Thanks so much for the color chart! I purchased your e-book a few weeks ago, and headed to Home Depot for supplies. Unfortunately, they said that the Ralph Lauren glaze (as well as other RL products) were discontinued some time ago, and I have been unable to locate the RL glaze anywhere. Do you have a suggestion for a comparable substitute?

  9. says

    I did the exact same thing about 2 months ago with color matching. I was so proud of myself but find as an artist, we tend to do those kind of things. Your org. post was such a great post. I had commented how I had luck making my own chalk paint using a multitude of different items. It’s not a science, it’s art : )
    Keep up the great work ~

  10. Leslie Reid says

    Just getting started and so happy to have seen this great bit of information. So if it is not to lazy of me have you had a chance to compare the Coco color and the new French Linen?

    Thank you!!

  11. says

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I love some of the chalk paint colors but can not justify the price. You just made my choices on a couple of pieces I need to paint MUCH easier! 🙂

  12. Dora Evans says

    Thank you for taking the time to post this. I am also curious about a match for Coco. To answer someone’s question, I have seen metallic glazes at Lowes in the Valspar brand and I believe Sherwin Williams also has glazes.

    • Mandie says

      Ralph Lauren Glazes have to be ordered and shipped now (we have 2 local stores in Houston that carry & ship them) Southwest Paint Supply and Texas Paint Supply. I LOVE Ralph Lauren glazes, and honestly don’t think there is a comparable product out there. I’ve recently been using Martha Stewart’s metallic glazes from the Home Depot and LOVE the black coffee. I’m working on those matches for the new colors. :0)

      • Peg Cordova says

        Here is an update. Martha Stewart’s metallic paint is on clearance as of today because they are discontinuing Martha Stewart’s line and are bringing in Ralph Lauren’s line again. RL glazes should be available in a few months. So those glazes that you like will be back. This is the Home Depot I am speaking of….I went there today.

  13. Liisa sanchez says

    Mandie, I just want to let you know how impressed I am that you took the time to do all the legwork so we could benefit from it. I cannot afford to spend $38 on a quart of paint, no matter how long it lasts. I’m on a real budget. I saw some of the comments and people got pretty fired up with their opinions!! I just want to add a ‘thank you’, and let you know I appreciate what you are doing for us all.

      • Kristin M says

        Mandie, thank you for this wonderful post! I see pros and cons with both types of paint. I for one will NEVER shell out $39 or so for a quart of paint, no matter the reviews/cons. I paint for pleasure, not business. This post didn’t deter me from purchasing Annie’s paint as I would not have purchased it anyway. I’m sorry that some out there are so negative and awful to take time to send you hate mail! Clearly your opinion is a threat to them, and that’s THEIR problem. As another reader wrote, we’re all entitled to our own opinion, even kindergarteners know that 🙂

        Thank you!

  14. says

    FYI for your readers. I have been painting furniture for over 10 years- mostly decorative. I use latex paint-and LOVE it (found it funny that you prefer Behr over Valspar at Lowes though- I have had many quality issues with Behr…but on we go.) Again- I love Latex paint…..but I also use and love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint- I even sell it at my store because I believe in the product that much and am impressed with all of the different ways it can be applied or used. Try making a “lime wash” out of latex. Anyway- not all of my projects would I use ASCP for….I choose the type of paint I use based on the end vision I have for the piece and desired finish I am going for. I have yet to find latex paint be velvety smooth. I would like clarify a few points you made above – but for now I will focus on only one (I will write you again later since I have a mural job to quote at a customer site) First – your comment about comparing or even recommending Sherwin Williams Sample Quarts….known as “Color To Go” specifically . You should really inform all of your readers that this quart size paint IS NOT INTENDED for actual “wear and tear” use!! If you read the ingredients of the “Color To Go” can- you will notice something important. It is seriously lacking the ingredients that make paint durable for a long lasting quality finish. Going back to my chemistry days as a mechanical engineer….Titanium Dioxide which gives paint it’s durability quality is the second ingredient on the Sherwin Williams gallon size paint but yet- this is one of the last ingredients in the “Color To Go” size. Also…..the acrylic polymer – which again is VERY IMPORTANT for durability is MISSING TOTALLY from the “Colors To Go” sample size. If you ask a rep at a Sherwin Williams store (and my cousin is a store manager of one- so support her and shop Sherwin Williams) about using the paint to actually finish a wall or a piece of furniture- they are going to recommend you do some type of top coat for protection. (add that cost and time into your budget and primer since many people are not going to play paint lab in their home mixing outside ingredients to try to achieve something that already exists and has been used for over 2 decades) Sherwin Williams “Colors To Go” Quart sizes are meant to get a sample of the color only on the wall- not to actually use to paint a whole wall or piece of furniture. You may think you are saving money upfront but be prepared to pay more and invest more elbow grease in the long run- and think twice before you paint that favorite family heirloom piece! Not all short cuts or quick fixes are worthwhile and you get what you pay for. Hope your readers find this helpful. Will write more later about some other points- but for now please wish me luck on my mural quote! The Purple Painted Lady located in Upstate NY

    • Diane says

      Hi there fellow painters, since the beginning of time humans have been painting things as art to adorn the walls, to protect their structures from the elements and to decorate the interiors of their homes from floors and walls to furniture. So with that being said, there have been many types of paint used over the centuries. I started painting things since I was about 12 years old. I am now 57. Here is my take on the latest paint debate. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has a 20 year track record of painting furniture, walls and floors. There is and always will be people that will try to imitate a product that is fabulous for less money. You know, fake Coach bags, knock off Tommy Bahama. They look pretty good at first and then you run them through the wash and it never looks the same. I have used Behr paint, in fact I sold it when I worked at Home Depot. It is great paint and I even tried to use the flat paint with primer on a table for a customer. Here is the big difference. The Behr paint took a lot longer to dry. If you had to sand it for a shabby technique it takes careful pressure on the sand paper to not remove it in strips. Also, if you stop in the middle of the project you can’t pick up where you left off without it showing. You can make it look good and you have more color options but it isn’t as easy to work with as Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. As for price, yes $38 per quart seems expensive. A quart of Behr will maybe cover 90 sq ft compare to Annie’s paint at 150 sq ft. I use ASCP on furniture, and I use Behr on my walls. Just like in fashion, if you want the quality you shop at Nordstrom, if you want the “look” go to Penneys.

      • Janet H. says

        I totally agree with Diane here. I have painted a lot of shabby chic furniture in the last 2 years. I have to travel for 1 1/2 hours to purchase the Annie Sloan paint from the nearest stock list, however, even though it is a pain to travel for it and the cost seems high, it is very well worth the effort. At one point last winter, I was in need for more paint but could not make the trip due to bad weather. I decided to research the homemade ” chalk paint” recipes. I bought Behr paint and used both plater of Paris recipes and the unsanded grout recipe. They were both ” okay” however, they did not seem to distress as nicely or brush on as smoothly as the Annie Sloan. I use those recipes only if I really have to but they certainly do not seem to work as nicely as the Annie Sloan or even the American Paint Company paints. ( just my opinion, but hope that it helps someone)

        • says

          No, I would not. I would use Van Gogh Paintology because they offer a table top finish that is far more durable than wax. I personally don’t like ASCP because of the way AS has publically treated some of my fellow painting friends, but feel free to use the paint you like best.

    • Mandie says

      Hello Purple Painted Lady,
      First, I’d like to say that I do not use the SW Color to Go on client pieces, but many of our readers are moms who are on tight budgets and cannot afford to spend what we spend on paint, and that is why I recommended that option for them. That being said, I use Color to Go (SW Tester paint) on my own personal furniture in my home (with 3 kids & 2 dogs), but I would NEVER use any paint without a top coat. (Even ASCP requires expensive wax) I use (and listed in the post) that a top coat is required and that 2 options were Polyurethane (for dark colors) or wax (for any color). I personally use Ralph Lauren glaze on every piece I paint with the exception of black furniture. After many discussions with paint professionals, and my Sherwin Williams reps, I’ve been assured that the color to go paint is durable with a top coat like Ralph Lauren glaze or polyurethane or wax. There are many options in furniture refinishing- and many price points. There are ways to make the SW tester paints a durable (and cheap!) option. Thank you so much for the info & best of luck on your murals!

  15. LC says

    The other comparable issue that the blogger fails to mention is that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailers do carry and sell sample size pots. And there are no important ingredients missing–it is THE paint, in all it’s formulation and highly pigmented form. This is how I got started using ASCP–sample pots. I painted my kitchen cabinets 3 with small sample pots–that’s how well is covers. No mess, no drips, no odor and it dried in a snap. The other issue the blogger fails to mention is that the Chalk Paint brand paints are not formulated with any black the way latex paint is so the colors stay true and readily mix well each other so you can create your own custom colors. And unlike the big box stores, ASCP retailers are trained in painting and waxing techniques so they can easily help customers every step of the way. Ever met a paint guy at Home Depot who makes house calls? After years of using every brand, finish and fad under the sun, I’ll take ASCP any day. No more prep work–no sanding, no priming, no days spent waiting for the first coat to dry. Just clean, simple, odor-free paint that provides deep coverage and true color. And, yeah, the sample sizes do the job, too. Just sayin’…

    • Mandie says

      Hi Lauren,
      I am so glad you are a happy ASCP user. I have many great friends who use and love ASCP. I was not aware that sample pots are available- I purchased 10 quarts at almost $40 each, so that would have been great info to have! I really honestly did contact my stockists for help, and was repeatedly told it was my error and not the paint or wax. (But, the pieces looked great when they were finished, they just didn’t last over time) I guess I’ll have to stick to latex, but I’m so glad you’ve had a great experience with ASCP. Thanks!

  16. says

    I hope you will give me the opportunity here to explain my paint a little.
    I am very flattered indeed that you have taken so much time and trouble to find colours similar to my colours!
    The paint is MUCH more than colours, although the way the colour is made up is also important. It is the way the colour is made up so that when white is added the colour will be pleasant.
    The paint also is quite a different makeup to the usual latex paints and will do a lot more than other paints by way of texturing and washes – have a look at my book of 50 before and after pics, Quick & Easy Paint Transformations – get it at your library maybe.
    The joy of no priming and no sanding of course makes my paint pretty fine too cutting down on time and money there!
    The paint is very hard wearing indeed and I would say longer lasting by far than the usual paints – I have been working with my paints for 20 years and have pieces that old that look as if they were done yesterday after being bashed by 3 sons and numerous moves!
    Wax is easy to apply – a thin layer should be allowed to absorb into the paint. There is lots of stuff with clear wax, dark wax and textures and well lots of deliciousness!!

    • Mandie says

      Hi Annie,
      I appreciate your comment here. I purchased and used your paints and waxes for 9 months before I wrote this post. (10-12 quarts, plus waxes) The reason I have stopped using your paint was not because of the price (although for many of my readers that is an issue). My reason for no longer using your chalk paint is that I have a set of 4 dining chairs that I painted with duck egg, that have not held up over time. I used 2 coats of duck egg paint per chair, and applied 2 coats of clear wax. They looked stunning at first. I’ve used these chairs in my dining room for 11 months, and now they look horrible. My chairs are covered in oily prints- this oil/grease has penetrated through the wax and is permanently in the paint. I will either have to repaint the chairs with a new coat of your paint, or sand off the finish and start over with latex. I have 2 chairs at the ends of the same table painted in latex, and sealed with clear wax, and they do not have these oil/grease stains. Before I paint client pieces with any new product, I always try it in my own home first. I painted 9 pieces for my own home, and all of them looked gorgeous at first, but over time had the same greasy stains- unless I used Ralph Lauren glaze over the top of the ASCP, and then they were durable. I’ve spoken with 4 stockists in 3 states and honestly tried to figure out what went wrong. Each time, I was told it was my error in applying the wax. I’m willing to accept that I somehow did not wax correctly, but after spending as much money as I did for the paint and wax, I now have to start over with these chairs. I have painted thousands of pieces of furniture over the past few years, and I’ve never had an issue with durability from latex. I do love your color palette, but I have to provide my clients a finish I know will last, and I trust the durability of latex because for me it has been proven by the ultimate test- children & pets. I do love the look of your finishes, I am just concerned with the durability issues I’ve experienced in my own home. Many stockists have written to defend your paint, but none have been able to answer my question about why these oil stains soak through the wax and into the paint, and how to stop this from happening. I have asked many, and honestly would love to know why these grease/oil stains soaked through. Please understand that my issue is durability of the product, I cannot use or recommend something that has not worked in my own home. I have nothing against you personally. For as many pieces as I paint, the idea of painting without prepping or sanding was VERY appealing to me, it just didn’t work as I had hoped.

      • Candy says

        Hi Mandie,
        I did the same thing in painting my kitchen table and chairs last november and now they have grease spots all over. Thank you for being honest, we need more people looking out. Also thank you for the color matches I’m going to try them out, Annie’s paint are a bit expensive.

        • says

          Candy, Thank you for your comment. I knew I couldn’t be the only one with this problem. I’ll get some good pictures of these chairs before I sell them for next to nothing at my garage sale- it’s really sad because they were beautiful chairs, but the thought of sanding off all of that chalk paint to repaint them is more than I can do with my crazy schedule right now. I haven’t mixed my own chalk paint yet, I really just prefer the latex and with the color matches I can get the look without worrying about the oil absorbtion. Thanks again for your support!

          • Debra says

            I guess I’m wondering since you said the chairs painted with the ASCP and coated with the RL glaze held up fine, why not just paint over the chairs and finish off the the RL glaze instead of having to sell them?

      • Angelina says

        I will say that I’ve used ASCP paints/wax and love how they go on and look. However, I’ve had the same problem with Duck Egg and Old White. I used Duck Egg on my night stands, but I don’t think it’s holding up as well as other paints. I originally painted them 4 months ago with ASCP and have had to retouch and rewax them twice. The finish wears off too quickly on highly used items and I do get the oily prints as well. I also used at least two coats of each and used mineral spirits as the vendor recommended in cleaning the pieces ahead of time. Price is a factor and availability as well. I realize boutique brands wants some exclusivity, but that will be their down fall. We just don’t want it bad enough to travel 50 miles for a high price product that won’t even last as long. So for this gal, DIY is the way to go.

        Thank you Mandie for all the work you did for the color chart. It’s greatly appreciated, even two years later as I’m now just catching your post.

        • Angelina says

          I will say that I’ve used ASCP paints/wax and love how they go on and look. However, I’ve had the same problem with Duck Egg and Old White. I used Duck Egg on my night stands, but I don’t think it’s holding up as well as other paints. I originally painted them 4 months ago with ASCP and have had to retouch and rewax them twice. The finish wears off too quickly on highly used items and I do get the oily prints as well. I also used at least two coats of each and used mineral spirits as the vendor recommended in cleaning the pieces ahead of time. Price is a factor and availability as well. I realize boutique brands wants some exclusivity, but that will be their down fall. We just don’t want it bad enough to travel 50 miles for a high price product that won’t even last as long. So for this gal, DIY is the way to go.

          Thank you Mandie for all the work you did for the color chart. It’s greatly appreciated, even two years later as I’m now just catching your post.

  17. Keep it Real says

    Tricia, you are correct. You will spend more money, time and face frustration when refinishing. Chalk Paint is not the cheapest but there are thousands of happy finishers and customers with it. I understand saving money, we all want the most for the least, but there seem to be a bashing of Chalk Paint and it seems that it’s the one to beat and discredit and then blend to copy their colors which is very time consuming. I wonder why? The product applies easily and just like any product curing time is important on any surface layer tht is applied, it make look dry but its not cured.

    • Mandie says

      I honestly do not ever intend to “bash” anyone or anything, so hopefully you aren’t referring to me. I wrote about my personal experience with ASCP, the pros and the cons. I never bashed the person or the paint. I’ve been called names, cussed out, threatened, and “bashed” for simply giving my personal experience with a product. I have issues with durability, I have pieces that need to go into the trash now or be refinished. It was not time consuming to match the colors to latex, because I have clients who do love Annie’s color palette. However, I cannot use a product that has not lasted over time in my own home on my client pieces. It’s not personal at all, I just happen to prefer latex.

  18. says

    This is extremely odd as I have been using the paint for OVER 20 YEARS with examples in my house that have stood the test of time very well indeed- in fact they look the same as when I first did them.

    I have also been selling the paint for the same time in the UK and people keep coming back!

    So I wonder what went wrong with your chairs? Perhaps you can explain to me and I’ll try to work it out. I’d love to help!

    • says

      I could send you pictures of the chairs if you’d like. My color chart has the same greasy spots as well. I would love an answer to what went wrong. Thank you!

      • lady says

        Is it possible for these pictures to be posted? I’d love to see this also. Pictures speak a thousand words. I’m about to paint my living room and all the dark wood furniture in there and I cannot decide on what to do, money is definitely an issue as is toxicity of paints. I’m still trying to understand the differences and the durability discussion as well as the need for the high cost of ASCP….

        • says

          No, I never received an answer to what happened. I now know that wax deteriorated over time with cleaning and you have to re-wax furniture- it’s not a forever coat.

          • Alleda says

            Hi! I have been using ASCP for about 2 years now and I absolutely love it! I understand everyone has their own preference but I have heard people complain about their furniture showing finger prints and looking greasy after waxing and would just like to note that when waxing you should use very little. The coats of wax should be barely noticable so if you run your finger across it and see a mark then you know you have too much. Also, be sure to allow at least 24 hours between each coat of wax to dry and about 48 hours after the last coat before actually putting the product to use just to be on the safe side.

  19. Keep it Real says

    I am not a finisher and dont like to paint but I see furniture being refinished on the daily basis, All I hear is the amazement of people after a class and they keep coming back for more product. Whatever they have in this product is addictive. A finisher here in Houston has transformed so many pieces in her studio, You may want to contact her as she has a special touch using this product and I know first hand that she has mastered it.

    • says

      Thank you Keep it Real, but I’m happy with the products I am currently using and the results I’m getting from them. I find it ironic that you come here to promote ASCP, but you post anonymously….

  20. Andrew says

    We also sell the Annie Sloan products in our store….I use them because they are handy for me to pull off the shelf. The person who sells the product in my store is a mini stockist….I have spoke with the stockist a couple of times and told her I thought the product was OK, but there are other products I like as well …she always argues with me about the product…and my lack of a chemistry degree….YOU WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THEY INVENTED WATER ITSELF. My god its paint, there is always something else that will give you the same end result or close . All that matters is that you are happy with your final result! Also i sell a wax from england on ebay that gives the same end result as Annie Sloan wax. I mean honestly do you think she mixes batches of this stuff up in her basement? Someone else makes it just like in the United States …same stuff different label. A.

    • says

      Hi Andrew,
      I would love to know what wax you sell on eBay. I’ve been meaning to order some Fidde’s wax because I’ve heard it’s wonderful- is that the brand you sell? I do not have a chemistry degree either, but I’ve painted thousands of pieces of furniture and I agree that there is always another product that will give you the same end result or close. Thanks!

  21. Kristie says

    As one just getting started in all the fun of refinishing furniture I so appreciate this post! Living in the SF bay area we have been hit hard by the economy and funds are tight. I have collected many great pieces that I have been waiting to paint with ASCP to sell. It is expensive. I finally purchased my first two quarts and some wax. I was excitied that no sanding was needed but after doing two pieces from start to finish with ASCP I can honestly say that my very first piece I did with an off brand paint designed for wood furniture came out just as nice with a fraction of the cost! I need to factor my overhead in to what I sell and I now know I do not NEED ASCP like I once believed.

    Thanks for you work in color matching…I would rather sand a bit and pass the cost savings on to my customers.

    I’m on the hunt for Fiddes wax as I’ve read great reviews for a clear wax that can cut some costs. I had great results with ASCP dark wax and will continue with that.

    I’m sorry you have had negative responses for expressing your opinion…We ALL have an opinion and we do NOT have to agree.

    • says

      Thank you Kristie! I’ve seen Fidde’s wax on Amazon, you might check there. I have a love affair with Ralph Lauren antique glazes (Tobacco and Tea Stain) that I use instead of dark wax, but use what you love! :0) I agree with sanding a bit and saving $$. Thanks again!

  22. Gracie says

    Thank You so much for this post! I am new to Altered and painting furniture. I did my first piece and I am hooked! I am a mom and on a REAL budget, I love the look of ASCP but how can I explain to my family that we don’t have enough food this week because I bought paint!? Come on seriously, if something else works just as well and will still allow me to get crafty and feed the family then I am all for it! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for taking the time to think of us lil ole moms! This momma and her family thank you from the bottom of our full tummies and hearts!

    • says

      Thank you so much Gracie. We are a family of 5 on a real budget too, and that is why I decided to color match these paints. I am so grateful for your kind words. :0)

  23. says

    Hi Mandie,
    Thank you so much for this information. I actually just purchased my first quart of ASCP and the waxes. I’m new to painting furniture and have been extremely happy with the Behr Ultra Paints and Primer thus far, but the rage seems to be the ASCP, so I splurged and bought some to try it out.

    I am like many others these days, $38.95 is a lot of money to spend on a quart of paint and even the sample sizes of ASCP are $11.95 verses Behr Ultra sample for $2.94. I am a believer in the concept of “you get what you pay for”, but with that said, it’s hard to justify the expense in this economy.

    I did test out the ASCP on a small piece, it goes on great, dries fast and has great coverage. I have painted several pieces with Behr Ultra, it goes on great, dries fast and has great coverage. I use a matte finish, only prep enough to get any grime, dirt and dust off, I sometimes use a poly top coat and other times use Miniwax Finishing Paste. I want to try the glaze on my next piece!

    Because I’ve just started painting furniture in the past few months, I can’t comment on the durability of either paints. But I thank you for taking the time to post this information, it’s extremely helpful for those of us on a tight budget! I plan on continuing with Behr Ultra and may splurge once in awhile on a quart of ASCP for smaller accent pieces and accessories.

    If you don’t mind, I plan on linking your post on my new blog. Thanks again, Julieb 🙂

  24. Maria says

    Thank you so much for this very informative post.
    I am also concern about ASCP as you can not get information about all the ingredients as Annie will not inform people about that. In these days and time I will not buy paint for my home with out knowing exactly what stuff is in it,

  25. says

    First, I must thank you for the post. Not only am I new to painting furniture, I am disabled and on a rediculous budget (as are many people these days). I have looked at Annie Sloan as well as CeCe Caldwell paints and keep putting it off. I can paint a room (which I have to do) for the cost of painting a piece of furniture that I have or found by the dumpster! I can’t justify the cost. I am not selling the furniture, I am just trying to redecorate my home. It is just a matter of dollars and cents and some common sense and convenience for me. If I decide to do it today, I can go to SW, Home Depot or Lowes and get what I need and go to it.
    The other thing is, the comments were great! Some additional information was extremely helpful… although I must tell you that I thought I might have been easedropping on a Summit for World Peace!! 🙂 I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to share this on my blog about a table I will mostly (now) do later this week; I will link back to you.

  26. Kathy says

    You can buy Fiddes wax on Amazon and Ebay both!! Ebay seems to have the best prices with no shipping promotions, too!! I have a question about the Ralph Lauren glazes. Are they used as a finishing coat, like poly or wax, or only to age the piece?? I have a local Benjamin Moore Paint store that sells RL paints and glazes. Thanks for any info!! I copied the paint exchanges for AS Paint!! I have used AS a few times and like it for some things, but not for pieces that have heavy use, much like your kitchen chairs. I normally use AS paint for frames, small bookcases, small cupboards or decorative wall pieces. I would use it for large pieces that don’t get a lot of use. I have had no problems with AS yet. But I like to try different kinds of paint, and also have a recipe for making my own chalk paint. Here it is—

    Use 2 ounces of Calcium Carbonate to one sample size paint jar, which is 8 ounces. Mix 1/2 ounce of hot water in with the Calcium Carbonate first and stirred until it was completely dissolved and paste like (about 1 minute). Then add sample size paint and blend by hand for a few minutes..super easy.

    I ordered the calcium carbonate from It is very hard to find at health food stores and drug stores. They only stock calcium carbonate in pill form. Hope this will help someone else!!

  27. Mary Liz says

    Just discovered your blog, Mandie. Thank-you for sharing. I have hesitated to take the plunge with Annie Sloan paints d/t the expense.

  28. says

    Wow – I just stumbled upon this post on pinterest and what a great discussion as well as lots of information here! I have tried ASCP and like it – but, it seems to work better for me on small projects. (I tried painting a DR table for my son’s new house in Graphite and it was okay until I tried the dark wax.) It’s a nice paint with lovely colors but the price is a little tough for most to justify. I actually tested 4 options – using calcium carbonate, plaster of paris, unsanded grout (like for chalkboards) and baking soda (that a friend tried) using my favorite Benjamin Moore paint in Wyeth Blue The smoothest finishes were in the order I have listed. The Calcium Carbonate was the best followed by Plaster of Paris. By no means am I implying these replace ASCP – just saying they are an alternative for many of us that can’t afford it. Quite frankly, I love a good paint and think it is fun to experiment! My mother always loved milk paint and I want to try that next 🙂

  29. Lisa says

    Hi Mandie – I wonder if some of the problems you encountered with AS paint/wax may have had to do with climate. I’m in central Texas and I’ve noticed that I have a heck of time with the wax in the spring/summer, it takes forever to dry no matter how sparingly it’s used, sometimes 1 to 3 weeks to get a hard finish (and, yes, it’s indoors with the AC on :). I have much better luck with the wax in the winter. The paint, on the other hand dries almost instantly in the summer.

    Some of the problems you experienced may just be from use before the wax fully set. I waxed a desk a week ago and I’m still hesitant to put it up for sale … when the wax hardens it’s a really durable finish, but our heat seems to keep it slightly oily and sticky for quite a while.

    I do like the ease of distressing the chalk paint and for someone like me with tons of allergies, AS paint is really nice!

    I’ve used the Calcium Carbonate recipe mentioned above with nice results.

    Thanks for the paint chart – love it!

    • LisaR says

      Lisa, I’m in North Texas, and yes, I’ve just resigned myself to letting a piece dry for a few weeks to fully cure. It’s a pain in the butt, but it’s worth it, as there’s NO takiness left, and the finishes are sturdy and durable.

      I use both latex paints and oil paints. I did a high gloss oil on a hutch – yeah, that’s annoying to clean up after, but after curing, the finish is hard as a rock. I’m very pleased, because the hutch is my craft cabinet, and gets a lot of wear.

      • Laura Duane says

        I know I am really late to the party, but this is really good info and a good POV, ladies. Down here in Houston (Mandie is in this area too) it is even MORE humid than in North and Central Texas and I have the SAME issues with my AS wax finishes. I did some bedside tables and let them cure for two weeks indoors before I even put them in my bedroom and still, fingerprints galore even though I was ridiculously careful in what I put on them and how I used them. Utterly frustrating. Thanks for the comments.

  30. Amy says

    Hi Mandie!

    Love, love, love the color chart! I’ll be honest, love ASCP and waxes and when I can afford it, I’ll probably still buy it here and there but if I always waited til I had the extra cash, I’d rarely get my pieces finished. I’m going to try making my own mixture with the Calcium Carbonate. I was wondering if you had perhaps found a match for the newer shade that was just put out? Florence? Would love to try that color, may have to splurge!

  31. says

    Hi Mandie,

    I happened across your post and found it very interesting. WOW! That took some time. I am sure there are a lot of people that love you for doing this! 🙂

    I also spent a moment reading thru some of your comments. I just thought I would mention with any of the chalk based paints, because they are porous, the under coat must be clean to start. If there is any dirt, oil, grease, etc, this will penetrate thru the paint over time. This could have been what happened with your dining chairs. Not for certain, but just a thought. I would recommend cleaning the piece with TSP-PF or something like simple green. Yes…this doesn’t hold to the “no prep” work, but it usually goes rather quick and in most cases you don’t have that oily bleed thru. Again…I am NOT CERTAIN this is what happened, just a suggestion. Happy Painting!

  32. Naviah says

    Wow, thanks so much for sharing this! I wouldn’t be able to financially sustain my new favorite hobby if I had to buy all ASCP. Would you happen to have come up with a match for ASCP Florence??

  33. June says

    Thank you for the info! I just today tried the “real” chalk paint for the first time and I wasn’t blown away- especially for the (cough) price! I will use what I have then try my own using your suggestions. Also, I bought the clear wax ( of course!) and thought it would have “no odor” as I was told by the salesperson. Hmmmm, I don’t know what constitutes “no odor” to her but my eyes are still burning- and yes, she said I could use it indoors with no problem, it being 105 degrees outside right now…I know that other waxes are solvent-based and, hence, have a strong odor but I am seriously thinking of trying another MUCH cheaper one after this tin is gone. I do love the coverage of the paint and the warm patina after buffing the wax so I think I am hooked on the concept- just not on the price. Again, thank you for sharing your hard work!

    • says

      So grateful for your comparison list for ASCP! I too have used the ASCP and love it! However, to purchase it I have to drive 1 1/2 hours away to get it and the price combined with gas $ makes me look for an cheaper version. I took your list to Home Depot and the ASCP color/chip chart and WOW! You did a great job in matching the color! I even added Antoinette by using Behr Plymouth Notch 180E-3. I’ll be looking for Florence soon. I stumbled on a new chalk paint powder company on who sell a great powder that you can mix with ANY COLOR you want and latex paint! Why do we obsess over ASCP colors? Yes, I love them but I am pretty good at picking out my own preferences too. In, fact, we all are! I have tried this new etsy chalk powder and I love it! It has the durability of using latex and any color your heart desires. It so much cheaper. This site also sells the Fiddes & Sons Clear and Dark wax. The wax is still cheaper than ASCP. I am so hooked that I am going to sell it in my Antique booth in my city in Indiana.Yes, I will still paint with ASCP but the price and travel points me to other alternatives. This powder is smooth and has no gritty lumps or carcinogens. Check out their site on etsy @

      • Sandra says

        Chalk Paint Vintage Chic Farm 16oz. (1 Pint) 30 Luscious Colors Free U.S. Shipping
        Ask a Question
        $24.99 USD

        Did you ever us this paint?

        I want to paint a few large pieces of furniture. It was my moms and she passed away. I don’t like the finish, but I would like to keep it. I don’t like the distressed look, but I would like to paint it a off while with some gold tones on the edges of the pieces and also on the edges of the draws. Can you help me? Give me a hint of what to use and how much I would need to paint two large dressers and two end tables. It’s my first time painting furniture so it need to be easy

        Thanks Sandra

  34. says

    When you get the time can you update the list with ASCP Florence. I love the ASCP colors but sometimes i prefer to use latex paint.

  35. says

    I could never justify spending that much money on Annie Sloan paint, so when I found this post I was so excited. I printed out your list and went to Home Depot to buy a sample size of Behr Sparrow. I then mixed in 3 tablespoons of Plaster of Paris (diluted in water) and shook it up. I was amazed at how well it went on with just one coat, and how good it looked. I’ve only seen pictures of Annie Sloan paint, but I believe that this looks just as good. Thanks for posting this.

    • Nancy says

      I am wanting to paint some pieces in my home and discovered chalk paint.
      I am still doing my research and will need to practice a bit , but the A/S paint is so expensive. can you give me the exact measurements and information to take the cheap way out of buying the A/S product? Also, the wax brushes are so expensive. Can I buy some cheaper ones some place?
      thanks for the help.

  36. says

    This is fabulous, Mandie, I wish I’d seen it before I went to Lowe’s to match some of the colors yesterday! I’ve tried ASCP but can’t justify the cost, and have had good luck with the Plaster of Paris formula as well. Thanks for all of your legwork!

  37. says

    Thank so much for the info! It’s exactly what I was looking for – I’ve made my own version with baking soda and loved that – so so easy, but as per one of your replies above I think I’d like to try it with calcium carbonate. If I can find some.

  38. says

    Hi Mandi, Who knew you would rattle so many cages, right? I”ve always had a different take on you providing a color chart for us. It seemed like you were providing a nice service for people like me who like ascp colors but have trouble going to the paint store and trying to match that color with ten thousands swatches of different colors. When I go I think I know what the true color is until I stand in front of all those swatches that are so similiar. So that’s why I reallllly appreciate what you did. You have saved me so much time and agony. I noticed on your chart that compared several brands of paint color, and I love that. I also use latex as my main to to paint. I have also used ascp and as cool as it is, it takes getting used to. I always return to latex because for me the wax takes so long to apply and I don’t want to worry about having to reply was again in several years. I love the rub on poly and latex and I’m good to go, each to there own I guess. I have mentioned your site several times in my blog because your so good at what you do! Thanks again

    • says

      Hi Sandi, Thank you! I agree with you on latex, it seems easiest to me because it’s what I know. Thank you for mentioning me on your blog! We have an Affiliate Program if you’re interested on our ebooks- email me if you’d like more info. :0)

  39. says

    Mandie, I was shocked to read so many heated and rude comments left in response to this post! I am personally a huge AS fan and have had great results with the paint and waxes, but I didn’t feel “bashed” or attacked when reading this post, just informed! I’m sorry you’ve gotten those comments, you handled yourself so well in response. Just wanted to say thanks for the info too, I’m gonna keep my eye out for greasy finger marks on my pieces!

    • says

      Thank you Hannah. What I learned from research after this post was that wax deteriorates over time, so a piece must be re-waxed to maintain durability. I’m not sure why this information is withheld from consumers, but it’s the honest truth. Also, a waxed finish is never the right choice for a kitchen or dining set. (Something I wish I had known before I had to trash my chairs & Table). But, you live and learn. :0) I use and sell CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk and Clay Paint now because they offer a Satin Finish clear coat to put over the chalk & clay paint for high traffic areas. I really liked AS when I used it, but the response from those who sell it after I wrote this post has me determined to never give a penny of my hard earned money to that company again. Lesson Learned. :0) Thank you for your comment, and I appreciate your honesty. 🙂

      • LisaR says

        I’m in this post long after it was made, but I wanted to thank you for it. New products develop fan followings, and people start thinking it’s The Only Way to do something. You think we’d know better, after painting furniture for thousands of years. *grin*

        I frankly can’t afford ASCP, no matter how cool it is. And I go by results. I find that the skill and experience of the painter often trumps whatever paint is used! Not to say a newbie can’t do things – I’m one myself. But I do believe in good prep giving a better final product, and considering the end use of a project, not just its cuteness.

    • Sheila Gustafson says

      Mandie I too was shocked how rude people got when you just tried to be honest about the ASCP. People need to know this especially if you are on a budget.. Thank you for doing the color match, but I noticed one example.. SW Drizzle, was suppose to match ASCP Provence.. when I painted my piece it came out as Duck Egg Blue.. Not sure if you noticed this as well.. Thank you for your honesty & hard work..

  40. Teri says

    This seems like such a great idea. I had run across several recipes for homemade chalk paint. I bought a box of non-sanded grout intending to use it and then I saw the WARNING! If you are going to sand this stuff, it is dangerous! Both the grout and the plaster of paris have silica in them, which you absolutely should not inhale. The calcium carbonate or the baking soda are much safer. They might irritate your lungs, but they won’t cause permanent damage.

    If you don’t intend to sand at all, they should all be safe to use. Happy painting, everyone!

    • Becky Ackroyd says

      That is scary about the silica! I did one small project with homemade chalk paint with un-sanded grout before finding this out- I’m glad I didn’t go crazy and do every piece that’s been waiting for love.
      I wasn’t thrilled with my homemade chalk paint. I like appreciate the matching chart. I will buy ASCP for the elaborately carved french provincial chairs I want to paint, since I can’t imagine sanding those successfully, but latex is really my price range for everything else. Really, I tend to find great OOps paint- which is REALLY my price range. 🙂 I just painted a French provincial side table with Behr paint, and have been pleased-ish.

      • Anna says

        I am so glad to have read this post since (YES I am a lover of ASCP and mostly purchase her products) BUT I have been known to make my own paint with unsanded grout. Obviously, I won’t be doing that again….scary to read this but thankful!

  41. Sher says

    Does anyone know of a wax that works like the CeCe Caldwell wax does. I really don’t want to spend 30 or more for a can of wax. Hope there is an option. Thanks

    • Amanda says

      I just used walnut stain it turned out like the minwax dark wax practice on a piece of wood see if you like it

      • Ronda says

        On the min wax dk and the walnut stain any certain amount how much of each and thanks so much this was what I was going to try !! You guys are the best thanks again RONDA

  42. Susan says

    Thank you for this post! I actually had just googled the color chart because I was going to break down and buy it so I could do the color matching myself and now I don’t have to!!

    I had never painted furniture before and I started with ASCP. It was great at first, but the more colors I bought, the more issues I encountered. I have had trouble with the consistency and also trouble with the waxes. I apply the clear wax with a brush but felt it was very labor intensive to do and the results seemed to come out cloudy on lighter colors. I understand that it could be me applying it wrong, but I cannot keep using it if I am not getting the result I want. I have read many different formulas for the DIY chalk paint and so far my favorite is 1 heaping tablespoon of plaster of paris mixed with 2 teaspoons of water (maybe a little more) and then mixed into a sample pot of Valspar paint (although Valspar sample pots just went up to $4, so I will switch to Behr). I think the paint comes out perfect–not too grainy. I do lightly sand with a sponge after each coat and I love the way it feels–totally smooth (I wear a mask and rubber gloves). I may need to give a little more pressure when I distress, but I think that labor is worth it as I only distress lightly on the edges for the look that I love. I just got the Minwax finishing paste and the ease and result I got with it was absolutely what I wanted. I honestly could not believe how much easier it was to use than AS wax!

    Honestly I sell at a few consignment stores and they have never heard of ASCP, so why bother to pay the extra money for something they don’t really care about or will even promote.


  43. Becky Ackroyd says

    I just saw this blog post about ASCP and waxing, and how to know if there is too much wax, and letting it cure for nearly a month, and I wondered if this explains a bit of what you experienced with your chairs.

    I’m only sharing because I was curious, and would have been heartbroken if the same thing happened to me. I think you are amazing at what you do, and appreciate the info you share.

  44. Sherilan says

    Hi Mandie,
    I just found this post after doing a search on ASCP. I have read many blogs about using this paint and bought some along with both clear and dark wax. I love the look that many others have gotten. I have been painting my dining room table for a few weeks. I am not happy with the results. I painted the top with 2 coats of the paint and the started using the clear wax on half of the table. I have put very little wax on the table top and rubbed continuously with a soft rag to try to get the top to a point I might be happy. It seemed to take awhile to get smooth to the touch and not gummy. Grease spots have been left after we would eat at the table. Also, if you were to touch the table you can see fingerprints, glass rings and scuff marks from anything being moved on the table. I will use this paint on other small projects but wouldn’t use it on a table or kitchen cabinets.
    I am wondering if you think I could sand everything off and paint it with a latex paint and different wax to be more durable? Thanks for any help you could offer. Sherilan

  45. amy kilgore says

    thank you I love you. I was looking for an ASCP color chart to match “cheap” paint to and came across this~ thank you soooo much for doing all the work for me!!

  46. JoAnn Ryan says

    Thank you for this very interesting discussion on paint and wax finishes. One of the very best options on waxes is Briwax – made in England. The wax comes in 8 wood tones, clear and Ebony. I have found a blog that give great information on the wax – either alone or over paint – I have used the wax and am very happy with the results. I am planning on making my own chalk paint and will let you know my results! Thanks again for all of your hard work on your blog!!

  47. RhondaKing says

    I have really enjoyed this blog. First let me say that have loved working with Annie Sloan and tried to become a stockist. Tried being the key word. Jumped through every hoop imaginable, even painted my front doors and inside details with Annie Sloan, have been sending all my customers to thier website to buy it, and then, gee were sorry, there is a stockist over the mountains and 80 miles from you. Seems that could have been an answer when I first applied. Sorry to sound a little bitter, but come on, I am in my store painting every day, the store over the mountain that is to close for comfort is inside another location and is out of paint all the time and you never see the stockist. Ok enough of that…Now, I believe in good and bad Karma. I was devastated with the denial after all those mo’s BUT….when one door closes another opens. Hence, I found your blog,which has led to much more, and I now have the Websters powder and the Fiddes wax in the store. Cost is fabulous, I am using the Behr color matches as well as some of my own choices, customers love the outcome, price, ease of working with the product etc. I must also say that working to carry the product in the store was a breeze. I love the Webster girls. Paint dries faster, wax is fabulous, smooth and easy to work with. and the cost is wonderful….So a big thank you for the blog and inspiration to carry on. After all, we all just want to create something beautiful and have a great outcome at whatever technique we choose to use…..

  48. Katie says

    So glad I found this post! I am looking for a color match to the limited edition color, “Florence”. Do you by any chance have the color match to that one? Thanks!

    • says

      No, I’m sorry- I don’t think it’s worth the money to buy a color chart or sample to color match it. But, if you have one Behr or Shwerin Willams can color match it for you.

      • says

        I tried out Websters and didn’t love it for durability reasons, but is a cool idea. Once you pay for websters and latex paint to mix it into, you have paid as much or more than you would for any chalk paint.

  49. Terri says

    I can’t say “Thank You” enough. Finally after years of “wanting to” i am doing. It’s so easy to look, watch all the DIY shows and dream of things to repurpose. I bought a old chest of drawers about 5 years ago missing the bottom drawers and knew an entertainment center would be great. So went to Home Depot and saw Martha Stewart’s metallic finishes. Decided on Silver and it looks great. Then recently heard about Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. The cost is more than i can afford. So excited about your comparisons. I have been finding cheap castaways and need to get started. I like to do a little research before i plunged into and your researching has got me on the runway to take off. Sorry for any hate mail, but this is America. Thank God!! I’m going to the store today to get some paint. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  50. Stacey says


    Thank you for taking the time to do a color match, I truly appreciate it because it saves me the time. 🙂 I have made my own chalk paint with plaster of paris and it is as good as a premade paint, probably not, but I have been happy with the results. In the end, we all have to do what works best for us. I will have to try the magnesium sulfate or calcium carbonate.

    SJill Designs

  51. Greer says

    Hello all. Great discussion. Regardless of your preference in paints (and I’ve used ’em both), there’s one thing you can’t do with ASCP … you can’t apply it with a paint sprayer. Most of you probably don’t use a paint sprayer & I don’t use one every time I paint a piece, but on those occasions when I do, I have to use latex paint since it has to be “watered down” to feed through the sprayer.

    Annie, if you’re still following this thread you’ve got a great product and lots of loyal followers. A lot of hard work goes into developing and getting a product to market – not to mention the risk – so bully for you!! As for me and my wallet…I have to limit my use of ASCAP because of the expense and (as someone posted above) it’s not readily available. I have to drive well over an hour to the nearest distributor only to find every can of paint has been damaged during shipping. So, I pick and choose specific projects, the outcome of which I know will be enhanced by the look of ASCP because I have defintiely found that some of ASCP’s techniques are more difficult to achieve, or impossible to achieve, with latex.

    BTW, someone mentioned here that they’re going to use ASCP on some French chairs because they don’t think they can manage to sand all the intricate areas on the chairs. Don’t forget that there’s a “liquid sander” out there – a deglosser sold in cans looking much like mineral spirits – that will accomplish the same thing as sanding as long as all you’re doing is breaking the finish up to make paint adhere. BUT, be sure and use it in a well-ventilated area because it has some pretty deadly fumes.

    Thanks for the forum Mandie!

  52. Vicki says

    Home Depot can match AN color, be it fabric, paint chip, or ASCP color chart. I use the Behr paint, add the Calcium Carbonate. Works great. I have not used Annie Sloan wax, am using Johnsons paste wax, and experimenting with wipe on poly. Any other ideas for a cheaper version of her wax?

  53. Bridget says

    Thank you for the comparison chart. Got 3 samples at SW today @ 6.00 each, and he even scanned a coupon for me bringing them to 5.00 :). Made some of my own chalk paint with baking soda the other day , love the way it painted on, and right over the wood. Not crazy about how rough it was after, but it did sand pretty easy. Looking forward to trying some other methods with my new colors.

  54. Jan says

    Hi all. I am looking for a match with the Behr products for the AS colours , Original, Versailles, Greek Blue, Paloma. I don’t have access to the Sherwin Williams Paint up here in my home town and would like a match with either Martha Stewart paint, Behr, Para, or Benjamin Moore. Any help would be greatly accepted.

  55. Debbi says


    Thank you so much for your HONEST opinion. In the blog world it can be tough if you don’t go along with the painting movement of the moment! Thanks for being a latex girl. I am too. Thanks you for the cheat sheet.

  56. Paula Newlands says

    Id like to throw my two cents in. I have used ASCP and CeCe Caldwell paints as well as making my own chalkpaint with Plaster of Paris, but the most affordable is Websters Chalk Paint Powder. I don’t sell it and I’m not affiliated with it in any way. You can make as much of it as you like or use all of it. It makes 1 qt and cost $13.95. It goes on very smooth and distresses easily. But you still can’t beat CeCe’s waxes!

  57. Sherry Brown says


    First of all thank you for doing the leg work for the color comparison, also thank you for expressing your honest opinions even though they made be unpopular with some people. You provided something that a large number of people wanted and gave very helpful information and insight on a consumer product. I really appreciate your help.

  58. kelly arent {copper roof interiors} says

    Thanks so much for taking the time to figure these out. Q for ya….have you ever used Websters Chalk paint powder….then you can add it to any color you want. Just curious…I just ordered some….can’t wait to try it out.

      • RONDA WALWOOD says

        Has anyone came up with a home made version for the dark wax !! Or has anyone tried the dark minwax any info greatly appreciated ladies have a great day I also am going to try ce ce waxes my girlfriend has used them and loves them 🙂

          • Che says

            Briwax makes a med tint wax, and a dark wax that work very well. Only down side..they stink. Lately, I’ve seen recipes on the net for making your own clear wax with coconut oil, paraffin wax, and beeswax..and it would be easy to add some dark stain into it as you mix. Just a thought. 🙂

  59. Anna says

    Has anyone ever used Zinsser Bulls-eye Clear Polyurethane instead of waxing over chalk paint? I know it can yellow or deepen the color but I’m thinking it will last and be stain resistant for clients. I’d love your input.

    Thank you for this very informative post Mandie!

    • says

      I tried polyurethane over chalk paint, and chalk/clay paint and had dosasterour results both times. Honeslty, CeCe’s satin finish works the best over her paint, but Minwax polyacrylic is compatible too, and cheaper for the amount you get. I tried the new Rustoleum spray polyurethane and it was a total bomb- uneven, awful. (of course, that could be my cruddy spray technique too) lol!

    • Amanda says

      someone told me to use lacquer very thinly I have never tried it I am new to this too….they were doing kitchen cabinets and did chalk paint, lacquer, then glaze, then the final layer of lacquer to give the cabinets a tough finish.

  60. Terry-Anne says

    Mandie, I’ve been up in the wee hours reading through this extremely useful post on paint comparisons and can’t thank you enough. I’m off to buy your ebook to simply support you for the time you put into this and the time you’ve saved all of us! I did not hear one ounce of spite or negativity in your post. It’s no different than a blog post on the comparison and review of software, clothing or anything else. So many are thankful to you, myself included. Sending love!

    • says

      Thank you so much. I honestly didn’t create this chart to be spiteful in any way, but to provide an alternative to those who love the colors but prefer latex, or can’t afford the price of chalk paint. 🙂

      • Kimberly says

        Thank you for posting. I got the ASCP kit as a gift, it was $200.00. I am painting pieces to sell. After using ASCP for a few months and realizing that I cannot afford to use this paint-it does not cover as I was informed or what I expected. I am heading to Home Depot in the morning and making my own. My waxed pieces don’t have the durability at all and I cannot sell pieces that won’t hold up. You have done a great thing and don’t understand the hostile responses-ASCP is good, it’s just not for everyone and every budget or purpose. Thank you for your hard work.

  61. Cory says

    Greek Blue = Benjamin Moore Athens Blue. Seemingly at least. Not saying the paint colors are exact, but if you want the color that they highlight doors and windows with in the Greek islands, Athens Blue is the closest I can find, and this is pretty much the same thing that Greek Blue tries to do.

  62. May says

    Thank you so much Mandie! I have this chart on my phone for when I swing by the Home Depot… I’m sorry you’re getting so many negative comments…I mean who said you can’t use whatever the heck you want on furniture….I did try the plaster of paris and it’s great for a chalky finish…but sometimes I just want to use regular flat paint…Keep it up and let the haters keep on hating 🙂

    • Sandra says

      Hi, I just want to paint a few piece of my own furniture. I don’t want if it looks chalky I would like a satin look to it in off white color, with maybe some gold tones on the edges.
      Can you tell me what to use please.


    • Sandra says

      Also I forgot to tell that I live in a Co-op so, I would like to keep the smell down. I have to large dressers and two nights tables to a paint.

  63. susan allen says

    I realize I am late to the party and so I will just say THANK YOU and in response to Rhonda to tried to become a stockist I did the same things you did but include spending 400.00 on AS workshop I even have a pic of me and her together and yet I could not become a stockist but lo and behold one finally arrived in my small town she invested 20,000.00 and that is all she sells so she owns a AS store thats all she sells, well 400.00 workshops, just sayin… I love AS but I’m making my own, it just not right so many folks can’t afford the price and even those of us who could ….can’t because we can’t invest 20 grand thats just wrong!!!

  64. Tammy says

    Thank you for taking the time and money to do the research on ASCP. I am on a tight budget as well, but thought it looked pretty. I would much rather spend less money and get a predictable result as I can’t afford to replace any of my things right now. Additionally, we are rough on our furniture…myself included.

    I am sorry for the negativity that you received for trying to share your experience. I thought that it was incredibly useful.

  65. Wilma says

    I just bought the Behr Grey Morning to paint in the inside of two exterior doors. I am in LOVE. I have a hard time picking paint colours, but love the AS duck egg blue (but not the price and shipping fees), so this was a lifesaver! Thank you so much!!!!


  66. Jean says

    Mandie, again, thanks for your paint color chart. I’ve been obsessing about the chalk paint vs. latex paint issue, and found “pure” food grade calcium carbonate at my favorite online mega-store. I chose a five pound bag of it because at that amount I received free shipping from the seller and it was about $16. It fits exactly into a large size plastic coffee can. The calcium carbonate came double bagged, in a sturdy USPS Tyvek envelope, not messy at all. “Food grade” means it finely ground to 40 micron size, so it could be used as a food additive for calcium deficient folks. Just don’t inhale the fine powder. I probably have a lifetime supply now.

    You’ll also find calcium carbonate locally if you have a winery nearby…it’s used for the processing.

    What a wonderful job, everyone, recycling and making our world a prettier place!

  67. Sherry Brown says


    I love your work. I also love this post, basically I agree with what you said and I am glad you had the courage to speak your mind. I cannot Thank You enough for writing it.

  68. Dee says

    I am just getting started with this breed of painting and refinishing, which is why I ended up on this site. Myself….like many other people search the internet for information, tips and reviews. I think its wonderful that someone took the time to research for themselves, and chose to post some of the tips and pointers that worked or didn’t for them. But my goodness people why would anyone take all of this to a hateful or tacky degree. What’s wrong with someone posting what works for them, and someone else kindly posting their thoughts. This is the beauty of the internet that we all have come to love and depend on. I am grateful for everyones views and thoughts, but I think its really sad this lady has been attacked like this. Whats wrong with live and let live. Its about pointers and thoughts that could work or will work for whatever budget or scenario.

    Thank you Mandie so much for your time and your thoughts, and to the others who were kind and sharing theirs… I enjoyed that.

  69. Nancy says

    Thanks for all the very useful comments. Anyone come up with a color alternative for ASCP color Florence? Thanks!

  70. Clif says

    I just purchased a sample of Sherwin Williams paint, based on your post, and got it on sale for 30% off (through Monday). The guy at the store told me that they don’t recommend painting with it (other than as a tester), because it doesn’t have a bonding agent in the samples. I’m thinking that when I add the plaster of paris, to make my own version of chalk paint, that it won’t be an issue.

    Thanks for posting this list!

    • says

      I think they just say that to scare you off- I have pieces I’ve painted with SW testers and they have held up for 4+years with a house full of kids (boys!) and 3 dogs. 🙂

  71. Sara Hood says

    Like the previous comments before me…I wanted too, to thank you! I’m a flipper, I use paint ALL the time. I make my own chalk paint, and use different waxes, and even a KIWI brown shoe polish. But..I have been missing those popular AS colors I love! Thank you for taking the time to research this. I ran right to Home Depot and grabbed a few samples. The sample paints are perfect! It’s a great way to keep your costs down. I buy plastic storage containers, mix my paint. them on my shelf. Keep an eye out for my new creations on my FB page

  72. Floyds' Artworks! says

    Thanks so much for taking the time! We are embarking upon this wonderful world of painting wood in all forms & my hubby is thrilled to bypass the prep process!
    FYI, in our 30+ years of paint projects (including a wide variety of surfaces, paints & sealers), we love Behr & SW paint, and the sealer we use most often is Minwax Polycrylic. For premium water/weather protection, we use SW marine quality sealer. Still protecting a latex marbling paint job after a year even in standing water.

  73. sheree garcia says

    Just went to a Websters demo and loved the results on all the items that were painted. Looking forward to a hands on class in July. Thanks for all your help with all the paints out there. Don’t let the negative comments get to you. You were honest with what happened to you.

  74. Rachel says

    Thank you so much for this post. I had been searching for AS colors because I plan on buying my first supply today. I rarely read through all the comments on a post, but this has been so informative. It will definitely make my first purchase a bit less expensive today! I am just starting to sell furniture, so this information has been priceless to me. You have a new follower. I plan on linking to your blog on the future because you’re so awesome! Thanks again!


  75. JudyBut says

    Appreciated this post so much. Wow! I think we all need to paint with what is affordable for the pocketbook. I LOVE AS paint. I use it “some” but I saw quickly I couldn’t afford it for everything. This list was a masterpiece of work and I want to thank you for all your work. For me, I use the SW Color Samples, the plaster of paris…and the AS waxes. I just adore her waxes too much. I’m very happy with my results and sell pieces almost as soon as they hit the shop. Thanks again…and any progress on Florence?

  76. Sally says

    Thankyou so much for the info on the paint. I haven’t ever tried ASCP but my dh and I paint furniture. I just tried CC Calwell chalk paint. Not sure if Im spelling the name right but I painted a small box and it took me 3 coats to cover it..wasn’t happy…I thought well this is no different than regular paint…So I want to go buy some of these colors…thanks! Sally

  77. Che says

    Thanks so much for this post! I’ve been trying to find a comparison to Duck Egg as I love the soft colour, but have a hard time with the price and durability. I have used chalk paint, and for certain applications..its amazing (like ornate mirror frames). But I tried it on a desk, and got the same problems with the oil spots..maybe because there was oils saturated into the old finish maybe…anyways, I will not use it on pieces that have to be useful every day. I tried my own chalk paint with plaster of paris..and it works amazing for me. I sell alot of pieces, and they have held up excellently..I use a top coat poly..sometimes wipe-on, sometimes brush on. Very happy with that. Now with your chart, I can go an colour match the one I was hankering for…:)

  78. Annie C says

    Very interesting reading! I excitedly purchased my first pots of ASCP about 2 months ago, I say excitedly due to the fact that for years I had been reading about it but was unable to purchase it here in Australia. A few months ago it finally arrived on our shores, and now, after painting a dozen or so items with it I do see some of the benefits, it definitely saves a lot of prep time, but does this jeopardise the durability, I think so. It is also very expensive, here in Australia the cost is $60 for a tin! Unfortunately I don’t think the other brands you mentioned are available here, so I think my search for the perfect paint product continues.

  79. Janet H. says

    Hey Fellow Painters,
    Maudie, please do not be discouraged by any “negative comments” in these posts.
    You are surely a ” dedicated” craftsman who wants to to see a “Quality” piece leave your store.
    You should be commended more for sharing your experiences with everyone. That is what we need more of. As far as my Loving the “Annie Sloan” paint, I DO! I think that where most of the problem with her products is not giving out enough “FREE” information as to just how to actually use them and even how to care for the expensive brushes. I think that it a pain to have to spend so much time digging and researching how to use and care for products that should be more explainetory. Most paints and supplies come with a good “How to use” section but AS. Seems to be lacking there. Still LOVE the products though. Keep up the great work Mandy. Thankyou

  80. Janet H. says

    Thank you so much for your post. Frankly it scared the dickens out of me! I did not realize that the silica could be so dangerous! Sheesh! I will certainly not be using the “Non-sanded Grout” formula ever again. I have been using it quite a bit lately, so I sure hope that it does not affect me. I will be using the baking soda method now for sure. Thank you again.
    P.s. Mandi ……. I have sure learned a lot from these posts today and thank you so much for all of your hard work on your color chart comp. and your knowledge! I will still use the Annie Sloan paints sometimes, but between the high cost and the waxing contraversary, I just may have to learn to work more with the safer latex paints and not the concoctions found on the Internet.

  81. Donna says

    Home Depot has changed the numbers on their paints that start with UL. For example, Polished Pearl, which was UL160-10 is now PPU6-9. The man at Home Depot was able to get some of the new numbers by putting the name into the computer. The others I had to get by going through the paint chips and finding the right name.

  82. Marcy B. says


    I really appreciate this – thanks, I do have a question? Do you know the equivalent color for English Yellow?

  83. Dawn di Donato says

    I just wanted to let a you know that, if you follow Miss Mustardseed’s Blog, you can get the Fiddes wax at a great price from her local hardware store, which she has arranged.

  84. Nancy says

    Mandie, thanks so much! You handled all the negativity with such grace and professionalism. Real people on real budgets appreciate you, as do people who simply appreciate an alternative.

  85. S k says

    Thanks so much for taking the time to make this paint alternative available. Very kind of you. I am dying to paint a desk arles but don’t want the finish. I’ve used the ascp and I’ve made my own. There are pros and cons to each. Again, thank you for sharing what probably took you a good amount of time to accomplish. Please ignore the loonies who did not get the point.

  86. Lisa says

    I tried a Behr sample pot mixed with the 2 tablestoons plaster of paris. I painted a chair (didn’t sand first). I then distressed by sanding after letting the paint cure for a week. When sanding, I had trouble with the paint peeling when I’d get down to the wood. Had to be careful and had to fix some areas that the paint peeled off. The chair turned out beautiful though and I love it! Has anyone else had the peeling problem? Any ideas how to prevent it?

    • RedemptionFarmsCA says

      Use chalk paint! LOL! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Seriously though, there’s a reason so many people are willing to shell out the money. I love it because it’s easy to use. You didn’t say what sort of finish the wood had on before. You could try to sand it to get a nice rough surface for the paint to stick or you could prime with Zinsser or BIN primers but if distressing, you won’t be able to get down to the natural wood color, just the white primer. Zinser makes a shellac but I haven’t tried it. It comes highly recommended by the ASCP crowd, for bleed through and I think it has primer like qualities.

  87. Lisa says

    Oh! And thank you sooo much for all your work Mandie! This site is an awesome resource! I am grateful for the many helpful posts from others too!

  88. Janine says

    Maybe a silly question or I may have missed it, but i dont see Behr or SW alternatives for ASCP original white? Thanks so much for your hard work!

  89. Kristi says

    I went to Sherwin Williams last night to purchase some of the Color to Go samples, and they lady told me that these samples would not hold up on furniture, that they were for sampling the color ONLY! Have you used these samples on furniture, and if so, does it hold up?

  90. Evelio garcia says

    I hope you are still reviewing these comments. First THANKS for doing the color comparisons. Have you updated the chart with the new colors…ie Antoinette??? Thanks!!

  91. Donna says

    Hi! I just found your website through Pinterest and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! I, too, have been experimenting with ASCP on a china cabinet for my eat-in kitchen area. I wanted a distressed turquoise color, but am very unhappy with the color I ended up with. I was hoping you could give me some advice on how to fix my cabinet before going any further. I started out with ASCP in Provence. That was too light and too blue. So I mixed in some ASCP in Florence and thought that was pretty good, but it turned out too green. I have already put on a coat of clear wax, but I want to pretty much start over on this piece to get the color right. What are your suggestions for starting over. I have already spent a small fortune on the ASCP paints and waxes. I was wondering if I could mix in some of the SW color to go with the ASCP and try to just repaint over the green. Please help 🙁

  92. Christine says

    I’ve read this post several times over the past year, always with great interest at the, um, “enthusiasm” people display about paint. I like all kinds of paint, and can tell you right now the piece in front of me has products from 6 different brands, including wax and crackle. It’s PAINT, for goodness sake.

    I’ve come to believe people develop such rabid, sometimes defensive loyalty to a product or idea to make themselves feel they’ve not made the wrong decision. My opinion.

    In the meanwhile, I also use paint samples (with top coat as you said in your very FIRST post) and sometimes with POP, sometimes drywall mud, and sometimes baking soda mixed in. Sometimes just PLAIN, OMG. I go for the color. I always rough up my surface, so the no-prep flag waving is moot to me. Nice, but eh. Fine. Topcoats should then determine the durability and so far I’ve been on target with that one. Shoot. If someone’s going to have to topcoat chalk paint, what’s the difference in top coating a sample?

    I came back today to look at Coco matches. LOVE, love love the color, but [drum roll] not the price. I appreciate your time as well. Thank you.
    Now, if someone could find me a match for CeCe’s Young Kansas Wheat….

  93. Sheila A. says

    I have heard that the Wipe-On Poly will “yellow” the finished piece, especially white and light colored items? Have you had any problems with this?

  94. Mandy Kamal says

    Thank you for the post! Since you do not recommend using the wax on furniture in the kitchen (or that will be heavily used), what you do recommend as the final coat? Just a coat of Poly? Does the type/finish of the Poly matter? I am a bit lazy and know I won’t re-wax all my furniture over and over and want a durable finish on my coffee/end tables. What do you suggest? THANK YOU

  95. Mary Lou says

    So I have just discovered Chalk Paint. . I have not uses ASCP but I redid a table using FolkArt Home Décor Chalk. . and love the look. . but it is not for out door use. . 🙁

    I have a bench out in my garden that I would like to repaint and really don’t want to sand it. . So I am wondering would the Plaster of Paris / Latex formula work on an outdoor piece? I love the flat finish but am open to any and all suggestions

  96. Darya says

    I love this chart and have used it for 3 pieces in my home so far. I make my own chalk paint with cornstarch. Goes on great. I finish with minwax poly acrylic satin and gloss because I have 3 little kids and darker areas in house so not too shiny.
    Also I’ve had Home Depot staff in the painting dept. take my copy of your color chart and make copies so they have it on hand for other customers. 🙂 So wonderful, thank you!

  97. Amy says

    Thank you so much for doing this. As many of the previous posts state my family is on a tight budget and I have been drooling from afar at the Annie Sloan products, trying to figure out a way to fit them in to my inexperienced hands. This will be my first attempt 2 small night stands with the Behr sparrow for ASCP Paris grey. Any ideas for a good dark wax brush for under $20.?

  98. Claudia says

    Hi, what a great site you have and thanks for the wonderful information, exactly what I’ve been searching for. Do you have an alternative to Annie Sloan Florence? I don’t see it above…Thanks!

  99. Liz says

    AMAZING INFO! THANK YOU!..Quick question..when you paint with latex do you buy flat paint and then wax or do you buy velvet..eggshell?

  100. alex says

    BEHR is NO good. Does not cover at all. Dries too fast. Overpriced. Does not offer as good commercial discounts.

    Please BUY PPG PAINT.

  101. says

    Thank you Mandie, I LOVEd your post!! The comparison chart rocks!! I use ASCP and have loved it along w/both waxes – but I love other options as well!! You’ve been very professional and honest – I appreciate that! 🙂 I can’t wait to try many of the other options you’ve suggested as well! Happy Painting!!


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