31 Days of Fabulous Furniture {Day 11: Finding Furniture}


  One on the most frequently asked questions we hear is “Where you do you find ALL of that furniture?”  The answer?  Everywere.  I am always looking for furniture- and noticing furniture everywhere we go.  We were in the Black Eyed Pea not to long ago, and they had a piece of furniture in the entry that had great lines, but it was UGLY.  I painted with with my mind while we waited.  It’s a sickness. ;0) 

  My favorite place to buy furniture is at yard sales or estate sales- but I’m NOT a morning person, so that makes shopping at yard sales difficult for me.  We usually come home with a bunch of toys that my kids just HAD.TO.HAVE and not much furniture.  I also like to check my local Goodwill stores for furniture- but most near me price their furniture ridiculously.  $400 for an 80’s wood dresser and hutch with a mirrored back? No, thank you. 

  Storage Auctions are fun too- but we’ve never won one.  If you aren’t already addicted to the show “Storage Wars”, you should check it out.  We went the River Oaks Area of Houston recently, to a series of Uhaul Storage Auctions- and came home with nothing.  There were lots of crazy people with flashlights and rented trucks to haul away their loads.  The smallest unit was a 5×5 unit that sold for almost $300! It was only 1/3 full with a couple of cardboard boxes and paperwork everywhere.  The guys who bid on it must have thought the boxes were full of money or something.

  Craigslist is a great source for furnture too- I look regularly, but I usually find a GREAT piece that I LOVE, but it’s on the other side of Houston.  I usually try to find furniture that is somewhat close to me, but that’s not always possible.  We also have several local thrift shops that regularly get in furniture. 

  If you have an iphone or ipad- there are several cool apps to help you find great furniture- a couple I really like are CraigsPro {Craigslist that shows you preview pictures} and igaragesale {a garage sale locator app that my genius friends at Lindauer Designs told me about}.

  I’ve heard great stories of finding furniture on the curb on big trash day, but I’ve never been that lucky.  Check your city’s schedule and drive around on big trash day- you never know, you may get lucky!

  Ebay is a great source for furniture too- just be sure to look for listings using your zipcode so you can pick up locally and avoid paying for shipping.  On Day 12, we will cover what to look for in furniture.  Happy Hunting!

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